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Where I've worked

Fintech Startup

Apr 2022 - present • 1 year 11 months

Software Engineer II

May 2023 - present • 9 months

Conceptualized and led conversion of a monolith EmberJS web app to TypeScript, producing key guidelines through RFCs and ADRs, and writing comprehensive technical documentation for TypeScript usage within Ember. Contributed to backends and public company APIs, running DB migrations and managing permissions/feature flags. Mentored Junior Engineers & Co-ops. Assisted in laying groundwork for a complete migration of an EmberJS web app to React, through use of React-based Micro-frontends mounted via Shadow DOMs. Harnessed strong organization & collaboration skills in writing project roadmaps, creating and managing sprint tickets, and effectively coordinating across teams and project leaders.

Software Engineer

Aug 2022 - May 2023 • 9 months

Paired with product owners and designers for work on UI/UX enhancements, accessibility (WAI-ARIA compliance), and internationalization improvements. Improved automated testing and associated pipelines/flows, resulting in reduced flakes, log sizes, and run times. Expanded product's global reach through integration of multi-locale & language support. Assisted in creation of an automated translation service, used in decoupling the development process across all internal codebases from translations to target locales. Unblocked planned tasks and contributed to the open-source community through work on EmberJS, EmberData, Embroider, Typed-Ember, as well as PortableText, Vite, various community projects, and the Linux kernel in my free time.

Full-stack developer intern

Apr 2022 - Aug 2022 • 4 months


Aug 2015 - Feb 2018 • 2 years 6 months

Volunteer Staff

Aug 2015 - Feb 2018 • 2 years 6 months

Managed incoming hardware donations and helped with front desk operations. Acquired hands-on experience in building and maintaining Linux desktop PCs and servers.