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About me

Hey, I'm Maxim (or Kio). I’m a software engineer based out of Toronto working in fintech. Here's a bit about me/what I've done:

  • Big fan of open-source and building for the web. I've built stuff in the JavaScript and Elixir ecosystems, and contributed to Vite, Embroider, EmberJS, and the Linux kernel
  • Conceptualized & led TypeScript integration, data validation changes, and other design decisions for fintech systems
  • Tackled both front-end & back-end development — working on UI/UX, accessibility, internationalization, performance optimization, and various DevOps/infra tasks
  • Volunteered at places that breathe new life into old electronics (FreeGeek rocks!)

Away from the keyboard, my weekends are filled with board games, thrifting, and losing myself in whatever music, sci-fi book, or film catches my interest. I’m into hiking and rock climbing, and love capturing outdoors moments on film. Travel and urbex are also favourites; I live for meeting new people and getting to see more of the world.

On a personal note, understanding and respect matter a lot to me. Gender is complicated. Black lives matter. I go by he/they pronouns.

If you have work opportunities, ideas for collaboration, or just want to say hi, please reach out!

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